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  1. BoutsPro Blockchain Integration

    BoutsPro Blockchain Integration

    New Registration Fee: Karate athletes can register on centralized portal of BoutsPro, after completion of basic formalities through the local Board/Representative. They will get all information e.g. ranking, upcoming events/tournaments as well as educational & training lessons.

  2. Annual Renewal Fee: Member registration includes tournament participation fee (1 year), educational & training support, maintenance of online records & ranking. Membership should be renewed every year.
  3. Project CuppaSchoola: BoutsPro shares the principles of vBelieve Sports, “Nurture the Future” by infusing scholarship to our young talent filtered through multiple programme of CuppaSchoola. We are targeting 100,000 schools in our first phase of CuppaSchoola program.
  4. Event & Tournament tickets: Event & Tournament tickets will also be the major part of revenue. Tickets can be sold online by using BoutsPro tokens.
  5. Franchise/Team Sale: Along with the World Series, we also have designed private club / team. These teams will participate in World Professional Karate League. Franchise of team will be sold on revenue share module.
  6. Advertisement: BoutsPro has designed different types of advertisement categories e.g. online advertisement of our portals & applications, advertisement banner on different sights of Dojos & Stadiums. The advertisement slots will be sold online through BoutsPro tokens.
  7. Sponsorship: Like other sports, we attract sponsorship for our various events.
  8. Sports Insurance: We are shortly coming up with Sports Insurances. We provide insurance to all the athletes.
  9. BoutsPro.TV: BoutsPro.TV brings all faculties of entertainment industry under one roof. It is established in collaboration with QuickMedia and Pozetta Broadcasters of Czech Republic that primarily facilitates AKAMAI platform for live streaming of video feeds and video-on-demand. BoutsPro.TV plans to expand into film and television production as well as online distribution. We plan to enter into content-production industry by 2018.
  10. Gaming: Based on our Karate theme & world championship, we are working on different types of video games. We are also in a process of tie-up with online game development companies. The purpose of these games is to provide healthy entertainment and educate basics of karate to the common people as well athletes. BoutsPro token will required on the different states in the game & the players can also convert their scores/rewards in BoutsPro tokens.
  11. Movie Production: Movies had played significant role to popularise Karate worldwide. Movies like “The Karate Kid” & “Kung Fu Panda” have made great impact on young generation and encourage them to learn karate. “Bruce Lee”, “Jackie Chan”, “Jet Li”, “Donnie Yen”, “Michelle Yeoh”, “Kara Hui” & “Cynthia Rothrock” are among the movie stars who played major role to make Karate famous among common people. Understanding the power of movies, BoutsPro decided to produce one world class movie based on Karate, every year.
  12. Dojo & Stadium: BoutsPro has planned to create World Class Stadiums/Dojos worldwide. In our first phase we are in a process to initiate of around 100 Stadiums & Dojos. Athletes will get the chance practice with better opponent and get the guidance of legendry coaches & trainers.
  13. BoutsPro Cards: We have designed three different types of cards. These cards will provide access of our services (BoutsPro.TV, Games, Apps, Premium pass for tournaments etc.) to sports lovers.
  14. BoutsPro Global Schools: We have planned to establish BoutsPro Global Schools for regular mainstream education in most innovative ways. The said project is to be implemented in collaboration with various governments in each continents of the World. The process is already initiated in Serbia (Europe) and Indonesia (Asia).

BoutsPro Token Economy

To create BOUTS tokens, a digital asset and financial security for the community, BoutsPro has decided to increase the utility of the tokens and keep reducing its supply. When fund/token will come to BoutsPro against its services that will divide in two parts. 90% tokens will be used as expense & execution of project/services & 10% tokens will be destroyed or burned which will announce publically. This process will repeat every time and announce time to time.



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  • Mr Zurab Merabishvili

    Zurab Merabishvili, is CEO of a public limited company Agromash Holdings that is Russian National brand of machine-building agricultural products. A doctor of medicine (MD) by education and an entrepreneur by profession, Zurab Merabishvili family owns numerous vineyards in Georgia that produces best blends of wine. Beside numerous businesses and success stories under his belly, Zurab practices Karate since his university days.


    Czech entrepreneur and investor in the field of IT technology since 1990. Founder of the first cable TV company (CATV) in then Czechoslovakia (1990).Shortly after finishing college, he founded the Research Institute of Telecommunications A.S.Popova in Prague (1990), where he built the first private cable TV network in Czechoslovakia (CODIS), created the first radial CATV distribution for 862 MHz (Barrandov, Prague), and in 1992 he rolled out the first optical distribution system for cable television in Czechoslovakia (Modřany, Prague.

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SmartDec (Technology partner - Blockchain)

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