Dr. (Prof) Vladimir JorgaSerbia (Shihankai)

University professor, Doctor of medicine and currently Dean of UN University of Peace ECPD, Prof. Dr. Vladimir Yorga began his journey in karate in 1957.

The renowned European Champion, Dr. Vladimir Jorga has won numerous medals in international tournaments.

A Living Legend, Sensei Vladimir Jorga is a member of the Board of Governors SHIHANKAI of the WPKC.


Fudokan Seminars

Fudokan Kata

Comments of Dr.Vladimir Jorga




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Program for acquisi on of student titles

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Karate – Introduction of a fighting art

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Karate in Yugoslavia – Special booklet on the occasion of the First World Karate Do Championship in Tokyo, 1970


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The rules of sports karate fighting

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Master karate Katas, Bassai, Kanku Dai, Jion


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First aid in sports

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Karate training and nutrition

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 International Fudokan Karate Rules

 BGD Fudokan Press 2012


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