• Dr. (Prof) Ilija Jorga Serbia (Shihankai)

    University professor, Doctor of sports medicine, Founder of karate style Fudokan in the year 1980, the first European to be honored with 10th Dan. read more..

  • Dr. (Prof) Vladimir Jorga Serbia (Shihankai)

    University professor, Doctor of medicine and currently Dean of UN University of Peace ECPD, Prof. Dr. Vladimir Yorga began his journey in karate in 1957. read more..

  • Sensei Rajeev Sinha India/Hong Kong (CMD)

    A globally renowned karate personality, pioneer of professional karate who holds key positions in a number of entities globally, is at the helm of affairs of WPKC. read more..

  • Sensei Rachmy Soebajo Czech Republic ( Executive Board )

    Having started karate journey in 1960, Sensei Rachmy Soebajo moved from Indonesia to Czechoslovakia. He is one of the founders of National Karate Federation in Czechoslovakia (now Czech and Slovak Republics). read more..

  • Dr. Karl-Hans Konig Germany ( Executive Board )

    Former World Champion in Veteran category, a Dr Karl Hans Konig has been a Senior Communication Manager with global responsibility with numerous companies before he joined the Executive Board of WPKC. read more..

  • Sensei Hakki Kosar Turkey ( Executive Board )

    Born on December 8, 1943 in Istanbul, Turkey, Sensei Hakki Kosar started karate way back in 1960. Hakki Kosar is also an actor known for Siyah Eldivenli Adam (1973), Tarkan Guclu Kahraman (1973) and Tatlim (1973). read more..

  • Mr Mike Apan
    Mr Mike Apan USA (Executive Board)

    Also known as Mihai, Mike Apan is also Secretary General of the WFF and hails from Chicago, IL, USA. Professionally, he holds the office of CEO of Drusal Waste Management.Holding key portfolios in the past.

  • Mr Edgar Vargas Ojeda
    Mr Edgar Vargas Ojeda Columbia/Venezuela (Executive Board)

    Legendary Karate master from Bagota, Colombia who held numerous positions in karate life with very long years of dedicated service to Sensei Hidetaka Nishiyama, Vargas is Executive Board Member of BoutsPro & WPKC

  • Mr Oleg Alexin
    Mr Oleg Alexin Russia ( Executive Board )

    Karate master from Russia with very long years of dedicated service in Altai region of Russia and representing huge membership base, Oleg is Executive Board Member of BoutsPro.

  • Mr Petr Suja
    Mr Petr Suja Czech Republic (Executive Board)

    With numerous European and World medals, Petr Suja has been an iconic athlete in the Czech Republic and has significantly contributed in the world of karate.

  • Mr Hojaev Hangeldi
    Mr Hojaev Hangeldi Turkmenistan ( Executive Board )
  • Mr Zarip Botayev
    Mr Zarip Botayev Uzbekistan/Israel (Executive Board)
  • Mr Aleksandar Simic
    Mr Aleksandar Simic Serbia ( Executive Board )
  • Mr Savvas Vasileiou
    Mr Savvas Vasileiou Cyprus ( Executive Board )
  • Mr Fiorentino Romano
    Mr Fiorentino Romano Italy ( Executive Board )
  • Mr. Branko Pavlovic
    Mr. Branko Pavlovic Switzerland ( Tournament Commission )
  • Mr Avetysian Karen
    Mr Avetysian Karen (Armenia) (Tournament Commission)
  • Mr Marcus Powill
    Mr Marcus Powill (Germany) (Tournament Commission)
  • Mr Sergej Mirutenko
    Mr Sergej Mirutenko (Belarus) (Tournament Commission)
  • Mr Rytis Bublevicius
    Mr Rytis Bublevicius (Lithuania) (Tournament Commission)

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