Worldwide karate education & competition for school students

Every sports practitioner dreams to touch a new apex and aspire for the stardom in their respective sports. Professional sports such as Football let their player discover their horizons, fulfil their dreams and live a celebrity life. But Karate, an amateur sport fails to fulfil this aspect. The athletes pay for participating in tournaments and everything is organised from the fee received from participants whereas professional sports players receive for playing and additionally receive facilities and opportunities.

This continues in Karate due to many reasons, professional approach in event and media management are lacking, boring from spectators’ point of view, no career opportunities, no recognition, no fame. Karate-ka pay for rest of their lives. Situation is very tricky for poor students and even trickier for female athletes. Arranging tournament fee is a cumbersome task to which maximum of athletes give up.
“Catch them Young”, is a slogan often ranted across World but hardly implemented with long term sustainable plans. BoutsPro shares the principles of vBelieve Sports, “Nurture the Future” by infusing scholarship to our young talent filtered through multiple programme of CuppaSchoola. Scholarship for rank holders is as –


(a) $ 1,000 for Gold medallist

(b) $ 800 for Silver medallist

(c) $ 500 for Bronze medallist


a) $ 5,000 for Gold medallist

(b) $ 3,000 for Silver medallist

(c) $ 2,000 for Bronze medallist


(a) $ 100,000 for Gold medallist

(b) $ 50,000 for Silver medallist

(c) $ 25,000 for Bronze medallist

The tournament categories have been divided as below:

1. Boys Individual Kumite (Kids)
2. Girls Individual Kumite (Kids)
3. Boys Individual Kumite (Juniors)
4. Girls Individual Kumite (Juniors)
5. Boys Individual Kumite (Cadets)
6. Girls Individual Kumite (Cadets)
This is a great step for transformation from amateur to professional.
CuppaSchoola is a unique programme developed and protected under IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) which benefits school-students across the world. It also provides opportunity to schools & students to compete & co-operate globally.

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